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Thu Mar 04 2010, iridos - XPilot NG version 4.7.3 released, this is a bugfix release.

Tue Nov 8 2005, kps - New mailing list xpilot-events.

  • This mailing list is meant for xpilot players who want to arrange or participate in xpilot related events, for example xpilot matches or cups.
  • Subscribe here.

Tue Oct 11 2005, kps - XPilot NG 4.7.2 Mac OS X installer released by Ben Urban.

  • Features the OpenGL/SDL XPilot NG client and the XPilot NG server.
  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Fri Sep 16 2005, kps - XPilot NG version 4.7.2 released, this is a bugfix release.

  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Sun Apr 17 2005, juhal - XPilot NG 4.7.1 Windows installer released.

  • This package contains windows binaries of the SDL client and the server along with a GUI that tries to make them easy to use.
  • Download here.
Special thanks to Darel Cullen (Colonel Blood) for packaging the software and creating the installer.

Sun Apr 10 2005, maximan - XPilot NG version 4.7.1 released, this is a bugfix release.

  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Thu Apr 7 2005, kps - XPilot NG version 4.7.0 released, featuring improved usability and a huge number of other new features and maps. Enjoy!

  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Thu Jan 25 2005, juhal - added a link to WebReplay

  • If your browser has java support, you can now watch a collection of special xpilot recordings with your browser in WebReplay.

Thu Jan 6 2005, kps - added link to some game and ballrun recordings

  • My xpr directory now has 2 recordings available from Teamcup 2002 and an archive containing ballruns done by Mara (Virus).
  • The xpr.gz files can be viewed with programs xpilot-ng-replay or xp-replay.

Tue Dec 28 2004, kps - documented X11 Emulate3Buttons problem

  • If you use mouse for steering and experience delays or lost thrust, take a look at our FAQ page.

Sat Nov 6 2004, kps - added link to Rotunda's XPilot page.

  • Rotunda is working on a PNG image to polygon map conversion program, check out the progress on his xpilot page.

Mon Sep 13 2004, kps - XPilot NG version 4.6.6 released.

  • Fixes some weirdness in SDL client for Windows.
  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Thu Jun 17 2004, kps - Old xpilot-hacks mailing list archive available for download.

Tue May 25 2004, kps - XPilot NG version 4.6.5 released.

Sat May 22 2004, kps - I've created a new xpilot-hacks mailing list.

  • This list will replace the old xpilot-hacks mailing list.
  • Join the new mailing list at the xpilot-hacks info page.

Sun Apr 27 2004, kps - XPilot NG version 4.6.4 released, featuring a cutting edge SDL/OpenGL XPilot client. (Note that if you build from source you need to pass --enable-sdl-client to configure for the SDL client to be built).

  • Download here.
  • Release notes are here.

Sun Feb 8 2004, kps - XPilot NG will be used in XPilot Cup 2004.

Mon Oct 6 2003, kps - XPilot NG FreeBSD port: games/xpilot-ng.

Sat Sep 13 2003, kps - Jean-Yves Lefort (a.k.a. Decadix) informed me that the patch I had made for XPilot 4.5.4 was buggy.

  • I've made a new patch for official XPilot version 4.5.4, which also fixes some other minor bugs and compiler warnings.

Thu Sep 4 2003, kps - New bugfixed version XPilot-4.5.4X2.

  • If you are running an older version of the XPilot NG server, you should update to this version.

Tue Sep 2 2003, kps - New web pages by Johan Söderblom. Excellent work.

Thu Aug 28 2003, kps - Colonel Blood announced a Yahoo group for XPilot stuff.